11 November 2021


Banjong Ujjin
uedbet最新官网登录首页 Senior Programme Officer;

The University of Santo Tomas (UST), founded in 1611, is Asia’s oldest existing University and is located in Manila, the Philippines. UST于2016年加入uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA准会员,并一直积极参与uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA活动. Up to 2021, 大学共对14个研究项目进行了4次uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA项目评估. 科大作为一个机构,也做了uedbet最新官网登录首页-QA机构评估. 

随着COVID-19大流行的爆发导致学校关闭, 圣托马斯大学致力于实施一种植根于交流和相遇原则的教学模式,促进对话, and ensures accessibility and flexibility in learning. Recognizing the various health, financial, and social concerns that beset both teachers and students, 理大认识到有必要加强沟通渠道,促进教学的流动性,为每位学习者提供继续学习的机会,尽管环境不确定和各种限制. 
从2020-2021年开始,学校通过“云校园”(UST Cloud Campus)实现了丰富的虚拟教学模式(EVM). 已发表的文献将这种混合学习模式描述为,以在线教学作为学生学习的支柱,但需要由教师决定的面对面学习环节. However, in AY 2020-2021, 菲律宾的检疫规定不允许亲自上课, as a measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19. To mitigate learning loss brought about by school closures, and to promote a positive learning experience among students, 大学让教职员进行严格的策略培训,以丰富学生的学习经验. 

The enrichment strategies for EVM are four-fold, 所有这些都是为了实现托马斯教育的SEAL和托马斯毕业生属性(ThoGAs): 

这些充实的策略以教师之间的合作为中心, with industry partners and alumni, with community partners, 与外国合作机构——承认与他人学习的丰富机会, 最大限度地突破空间和距离的界限. 

Thus, Enriched Virtual Mode (EVM) of instruction in UST, while currently limited, if not totally devoid of face-to-face class experience, 是否被重新定义为一种丰富的学习体验,通过合作让学习者接触到真正的社区关注, new trends in their disciplines, and global perspectives, while safely learning in their homes. Our academic staff are at the forefront of this, 以教学为导向,以技术为重点的培训课程,帮助他们扩展视野,探索新的策略,以最大限度地提高学生的学习体验. 教学关键能力的创新方法来自与合作伙伴个人和机构的丰富讨论和共同创造内容, 这些汇集起来为他们的学习者提供优质的托马斯式教育.